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Andreea Tamaian

PhD Student 2019 Pronouns: she/her
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Andreea received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from McGill University in 2012, and completed her Master of Arts in 2015 and her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2019 at University of Regina under the supervision of Dr. Klest. Her research interests focused on trust in institutional bodies, such as the medical system. Her work builds on the concept of institutional betrayal and how it impacts an individual’s physical and psychological well-being. Her MA thesis focused on developing a questionnaire to measure the existence of institutional betrayal in the Canadian medical system and the extent to which it negatively affects the well-being of chronic medical patients. Her dissertation investigated the impact of institutional betrayal in the medical system during childbirth on women’s mental health postpartum. She completed her residency year in Ottawa, and is currently a registered psychologist with the College of Psychologists of Ontario in the areas of clinical and forensic/correctional psychology. She has worked in hospital settings (i.e., Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre), corrections, and in private practice. 

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