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Past Lab Personnel

Lab volunteers gain valuable research experience through participating in projects, attending lab meetings, and working with other lab personnel.

Past Graduate Students

Photo of Milo Avey
Milo Avey Masters Student, 2020-2022

Milo is an Indigenous student originally from northern British Columbia. He completed his undergraduate studies in psychology at the University of British Columbia. He completed his MSc in the clinical psychology program at the University of Regina. His research interests include trauma, institutional betrayal, institutional racism, ethics, and decolonizing research methods. Milo is currently a registered provisional practice psychologist at Gateways Counselling in Regina, SK.

Photo of Emily Boughner
Emily Boughner PhD Student

Emily received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Guelph in 2013, and completed a Master’s of Science in Personality and Measurement Psychology from Western University in 2016. She completed her pre-doctoral psychology residency in August 2021 with the Northern Ontario Psychology Internship Consortium, and is currently a registered provisional practice psychologist at Child and Youth Services with the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

Photo of Seint Kokokyi
Seint Kokokyi PhD Student 2020

Seint completed her MA in 2016 and PhD in 2020 in the University of Regina clinical psychology program, under the supervision of Dr. Klest. Her research interests are related to trauma and healthcare, with a focus on trauma informed care. Seint is currently an Assistant Professor, Department of Clinical Health Psychology, Max Rady College of Medicine, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

Photo of Andreea Tamaian
Andreea Tamaian PhD Student 2019

Andreea received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from McGill University in 2012, and completed her Master of Arts in 2015 and her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2019 at University of Regina under the supervision of Dr. Klest. Her research interests focused on trust in institutional bodies, such as the medical system. Her work builds on the concept of institutional betrayal and how it impacts an individual’s physical and psychological well-being. Her MA thesis focused on developing a questionnaire to measure the existence of institutional betrayal in the Canadian medical system and the extent to which it negatively affects the well-being of chronic medical patients.

Past Honours Students

Photo of Andreea Ababei
Andreea Ababei Volunteer 2021-2022, Honours Student 2022-2023

Andreea is a fourth-year Honours Psychology student, and is interested in anything health-related including chronic illnesses, anxiety disorders, and psychopathology.

Kayla Crumley Honours Student 2018-19
Photo of Kayla Lett
Kayla Lett Honours Student 2017-18

Kayla is currently a final year medical student at the University of Saskatchewan.

Photo of Katherine Mazenc
Katherine Mazenc Honours Student 2014-15

Katherine graduated from the University of Regina with a Bachelor of Social Work in 2012, followed by a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Psychology in 2015.

Photo of Christina Mutschler
Christina Mutschler Honours Student 2013-14
Abby Phillips Honours Student 2020-21
Miranda Reid Honours Student 2016-17; Volunteer 2013-16
Photo of Olivia Robertson
Olivia Robertson Honours Student 2014-15

Olivia completed her Bachelor of Science Honours in Psychology under the supervision of Dr.

Photo of Shae Sackman
Shae Sackman Honours Student 2021-2022, Volunteer 2021-2023

Shae Sackman (they/them) is an honours psychology and honours philosophy student.

Past Lab Volunteers

Photo of Alexandra Apesland
Alexandra Apesland Volunteer 2021-2022

Alexandra Apesland (she/her) was an honours psychology student during the 2021-2022 cycle under the supervision of Dr. Katherine Robinson. Her interests include psychological anthropology, perception, and visual art. Alexandra also holds a degree in Visual Art with minors in Classical studies and anthropology. Alexandra has an army of cats, and when not soaking up the sun in her beautiful garden with them, volunteers in the Social Context, Health, and Trauma lab on campus.

Cynthia Beck Volunteer 2017
Abby Carfantan Volunteer 2018-19
Photo of Thomas Czinkota
Thomas Czinkota Volunteer 2021-2022

Thomas Czinkota (he/him) is a fourth year psychology student, minoring in philosophy. His interests are primarily in forensic psychology. Thomas is currently the website manager for the University of Regina Undergraduate Research Journal. When not studying, Thomas can be found either at the gym, collecting swords, or reading.

Briana De Roo Volunteer 2022-2023
Photo of Donna Dumitrescu
Donna Dumitrescu Volunteer 2021-2023

Donna Dumitrescu is a fourth year Honours Psychology student with Dr. Natasha Gallant. She has interests in motivation and emotion, counselling psychology, health psychology, and social psychology. Donna is involved as the volunteer lab coordinator in the Social Context, Health, and Trauma Lab, as well as in the community with the Arcola East Community Association.

Photo of Denae Easton
Denae Easton Volunteer 2021-2022
Emilio Filomeno Volunteer, 2018-2019
Photo of Holly Funk
Holly Funk Volunteer 2021-2023

Holly Funk (they/she) is a fifth year honours psychology student with a minor in religious studies. They are the Editor-In-Chief of the Carillon, and a volunteer in the Social Context, Health, and Trauma lab. Holly’s interests in psychology currently include sexuality, perception and human reasoning, and education efficacy.

Photo of Julia Gregory
Julia Gregory Volunteer 2022-2023
Leslie Grey Volunteer 2013
Photo of Sarah Gulash
Sarah Gulash Volunteer 2022-2023

Sarah is a current honours psychology student, supervised by Dr. Shadi Beshai.

Mikayla Hagel Volunteer 2018-19
Ashley Hamilton Volunteer 2016-17
Photo of Priyanka Jason
Priyanka Jason Volunteer 2021-2023

Priyanka Jason (she/her) is a psychology major, and a pre-medicine student in the third year of her undergraduate degree. She is a lab volunteer in the SCHT lab and she helps administer the lab’s website. Cerebral lateralization, health, and abnormal psychology are some of Priyanka’s areas of interest. She enjoys making digital art while sipping on her collection of herbal tea when she is not studying in the library.

Braydon Johnson Volunteer 2022-2023
Brendan Jones Volunteer 2014-15
Photo of Maija Kiviharju
Maija Kiviharju Volunteer 2022-2023

Maija is a current honours psychology student, supervised by Dr. Jeff Loucks.

Photo of Amy McGugan
Amy McGugan Volunteer 2021-2022
Kelsey Mills Volunteer 2013
Photo of Safa Nadeem
Safa Nadeem Volunteer 2022-2023

Safa is a fourth year psych student and an outreach coordinator with the Psychology Students Association! Her research interests primarily involve studying the function of diversity, intersectional approaches, and cross-cultural psychology as a whole – which is what drew her to the SCHT lab.

Photo of Holden Norrie
Holden Norrie Volunteer 2021-2022

Holden Norrie (he/him) is a fourth year psychology major. Holden’s areas of interest in psychology include anxiety disorders and health anxiety. He is the financial officer for the University of Regina Undergraduate Research Journal, and Luther’s Student Representative for the Faculty of Arts. When not reading philosophy (for fun!

Alexis Pelletier Volunteer 2013-15
Sarena Poets Volunteer 2014
Photo of Duncan Preston
Duncan Preston Volunteer 2022-2023

Duncan Preston is a third year Psychology student at the university of Regina, and will be applying for honours in Psychology in Fall 2023. He is interested in clinical psychology with a focus in sexual health psychology. He would also like to explore cognitive psychology as an experimental psychologist and connect research with a biological aspect.

Photo of George Saadé
George Saadé Volunteer 2021-2022
Photo of Shae Sackman
Shae Sackman Honours Student 2021-2022, Volunteer 2021-2023

Shae Sackman (they/them) is an honours psychology and honours philosophy student. They are interested in clinical psychology, assessment, diagnosis, dissociation, the philosophy of language and metaphysics. They are currently the President of the Campion College chapter of Alpha Sigma Nu and the Production Manager of The Carillon.

Fahkra Shahid Volunteer 2018-19