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Past Lab Personnel

Lab volunteers gain valuable research experience through participating in projects, attending lab meetings, and working with other lab personnel.

Past Students

Photo of Milo Avey
Milo Avey Masters Student, 2020-Present

Milo is an Indigenous student originally from northern British Columbia. He completed his undergraduate studies in psychology at the University of British Columbia.

Kayla Crumley Honours Student 2018-19
Emilio Filomeno Honours student, 2018-2019
Photo of Seint Kokokyi
Seint Kokokyi PhD Student 2020
Photo of Kayla Lett
Kayla Lett Honours Student 2017-18

Kayla is currently a final year medical student at the University of Saskatchewan.

Photo of Katherine Mazenc
Katherine Mazenc Honours Student 2014-15

Katherine graduated from the University of Regina with a Bachelor of Social Work in 2012, followed by a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Psychology in 2015.

Photo of Christina Mutschler
Christina Mutschler Honours Student 2013-14
Abby Phillips Honours Student 2020-21
Miranda Reid Honours Student 2016-17; Volunteer 2013-16
Photo of Olivia Robertson
Olivia Robertson Honours Student 2014-15

Olivia completed her Bachelor of Science Honours in Psychology under the supervision of Dr.

Photo of Shae Sackman
Shae Sackman Honours Student 2021-2022, Volunteer 2021-Present

Shae Sackman (they/them) is an honours psychology and honours philosophy student.

Photo of Andreea Tamaian
Andreea Tamaian PhD Student 2019

Andreea received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from McGill University in 2012, and completed her Master of Arts in 2015 and her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2019 at University of Regina under the supervision of Dr.

Past Lab Volunteers

Photo of Alexandra Apesland
Alexandra Apesland Volunteer 2021-2022

Alexandra Apesland (she/her) was an honours psychology student during the 2021-2022 cycle under the supervision of Dr.

Cynthia Beck Volunteer 2017
Abby Carfantan Volunteer 2018-19
Photo of Thomas Czinkota
Thomas Czinkota Volunteer 2021-2022

Thomas Czinkota (he/him) is a fourth year psychology student, minoring in philosophy.

Photo of Denae Easton
Denae Easton Volunteer 2021-2022
Leslie Grey Volunteer 2013
Mikayla Hagel Volunteer 2018-19
Ashley Hamilton Volunteer 2016-17
Brendan Jones Volunteer 2014-15
Photo of Amy McGugan
Amy McGugan Volunteer 2021-2022
Kelsey Mills Volunteer 2013
Photo of Holden Norrie
Holden Norrie Volunteer 2021-2022

Holden Norrie (he/him) is a fourth year psychology major. Holden’s areas of interest in psychology include anxiety disorders and health anxiety.

Alexis Pelletier Volunteer 2013-15
Sarena Poets Volunteer 2014
Photo of George Saadé
George Saadé Volunteer 2021-2022
Fahkra Shahid Volunteer 2018-19