Ongoing Research Projects

Ongoing Research Projects

We will regularly update here about research projects we are recruiting participants for. If you would like to be contacted about projects you may be eligible to participate in, send us an e-mail at with "participate" in the subject line.

Ethnic discrimination on campus - study for University of Regina students

This study is for current students at the University of Regina. We are looking for volunteers who self-identify as ethnic minorities to take part in a study of factors influencing their experience on campus. Ethnic minorities can be either recent immigrants or whose parents are recent immigrants, non-white individuals, or those who consider themselves as belonging to a religious minority. Your participation involves completing an online survey which takes approximately 20 minutes. As compensation, you will be entered in a draw for a $20 gift certificate to Amazon.
This study is now closed. Thanks to all those who participated.

Exploring Experiences of Doctor-Patient Relationships in Trauma Survivors and Primary Healthcare Providers

Individuals exposed to traumatic events are at risk for developing multiple physical and psychological problems for which they seek medical attention and treatment. As a result of experiencing trauma, trauma survivors may have reduced trust in others (including professionals who are able to help them) and reduced perceived safety of the environment surrounding them, as well as other psychological changes. When they do seek medical attention, may are labeled as “difficult patients” as they may skip multiple appointments or show up late, leaving the physicians feeling frustrated. Physicians also report they do not want to address the underlying trauma due to the complexity of it.

Past studies have examined healthcare experiences of survivors who have only experienced interpersonal trauma (such as sexual assault, childhood abuse, and intimate partner violence) and professional experience of physicians when treating interpersonal trauma survivors. This study will examine healthcare experiences of survivors who have experienced any kind of trauma, interpersonal and non-interpersonal, and professional experience of physicians when treating trauma survivors.

We are interviewing trauma survivors living in Saskatchewan and general physicians (and medical residents) practicing in Saskatchewan over the phone to explore their experiences.

This study study is now closed. We would like to thank everyone who participated.

Research Study of Patient Experiences with Low Back Pain

A research team at University of Regina, in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, led by psychologists Bridget Klest, PhD, and Sandeep Mishra, PhD, is recruiting adults with low back pain for a study looking at patient experiences. Research participants in the study will be asked
to complete a survey online, which will take about one hour. They will be asked to answer questions about many different aspects of their lives, including questions that are personal in nature (general background, health, and demographics, information about the diagnosis and treatment of your low back pain, ability/disability in a variety of specific domains related to your back pain, mental health symptoms like anxiety and depression, history of exposure to traumatic events, behaviors like taking risks and gambling, and history of and preference for certain kinds of treatment for low back pain). $3 CAD (approximately equal to $3 US) will be donated to an advocacy/support organization for people with low back pain for each eligible person who participates in the study. In addition, participants will have the option of entering one of several drawings for a $20 gift certificate to an online retailer of the participant’s choice. This project has been approved on ethical grounds by the University of Regina Research Ethics Board.

This study is now closed. Thanks to all those who participated.